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DeltaIoT designs innovative sensor solutions with a focus on geodetic and geotechnical issues. The field of geodesy revolves around the science that deals with the shape and dimensions of the Earth. Field engineers, or land surveyors, go out every day for contractors, governments and utility companies, among others. They have been offering the classic ‘you ask, we deliver’ solutions for many years.

DeltaIoT believes that this can be done differently. Namely by making use of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), the continuous exchange of data between the physical and the digital world. Small, smart sensors meet the information needs of consumers, companies and governments today. This type of information provides insight into the current health of their assets and projects. With the aim of optimally managing costs and risks.

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The current manual collection methods such as automatic leveling or ‘Robotic Total Station’ instruments cannot or only poorly provide the desired real-time information request. They entail high acquisition costs, which makes them difficult to scale up. And they are designed to be operated by the surveyor in the field. They can only function autonomously with expensive external power supplies, because they do not have built-in smart telemetry and ultra low power solutions.

DeltaCube is the first IoT solution based on low-cost precision GPS developed specifically for geodetic purposes. DeltaCube can be used for various geodetic and geotechnical issues. The first application that has been elaborated is the use in measuring settlement rods in civil engineering.


Our team includes embedded hardware and software engineers and geodetic engineers, specialized in IoT. Our geodetic engineers have specialisms for GPS measurements in the field of ‘Real Time Kinematic’ and ‘Post Processing Kinematic’.

“My grandfather at KNMI already had a fascination for what moves this earth. With my studies in Geodesy/Geo-informatics and Physical Geography, I unconsciously inherited this passion in my genes.

After my studies, I gained various experiences at various engineering firms in the field of environmental impact measurements in infrastructural projects. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) industry offers many new possibilities in the field of environmental monitoring. Something that has intrigued me in recent years.

During my career I discovered that innovative entrepreneurship is an important motivation for me to get things done. In order to respond more quickly to the innovative issues of the geodetic market, I started setting up DeltaIoT in the summer of 2020.”


Camiel Duijts

Project manager and owner DeltaIoT

“I have been involved in the development of DeltaCube since day one.

In addition, I am responsible for all investments within the project and I am a driven entrepreneur with a large network in the housing sector and project development.”


Dennis Duijts

Co-owner DeltaIoT

“I did a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. I graduated on a laser communication terminal for small satellites.

As a freelance electronic and embedded engineer I develop devices, controls and sensors for my clients. This is very diverse: from portable measuring instruments for offshore use, to smart locks, to 3D scanners for robots.

For DeltaIoT I am responsible for the development of the electronics in the DeltaCube. The sensors, the antennas and the GNSS reception. But also the housing in plastic injection molding and laser-cut steel. I also manage the production of all the different parts of the DeltaCube.”


Daniël Bakker

Hardware engineer DeltaCube

“With an MSc in Aerospace Engineering, my thesis on machine learning, combined with many interests, I have developed myself as a broad problem solver.

I have experience with data collection, analysis and visualization platforms. Developed operating systems for edge devices in previous projects, allowing me to be involved in almost the entire DeltaCube process.

For example, I developed the operating system for the DeltaCube. In addition, I am responsible for the algorithms and platforms for both collecting and sending the data and receiving it on our server. The GNSS data processing and the visualization of these results on our own dashboard are also done by me.”


Stephen Verbist

Software and GNSS Cloud Processing DeltaCube

“At DeltaIoT I am involved in all kinds of technical and operational matters. This includes the production process, commissioning, maintenance and support of the DeltaCube devices. In addition, thinking about new developments and supervising the development process.

From my background in electrical engineering, I have experienced these facets separately at various employers. Now I’m going to combine all of this at DeltaIoT.”


Joris van Rennes

Operational Electrical Engineer

In addition to my master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry, I am driven to broaden my knowledge in other industries. As an all-round project officer, I am responsible for many different tasks within DeltaIoT.

As a little girl I looked with great admiration at my father who started his own company. Now I really enjoy contributing to the startup phase of DeltaIoT myself. It is with great pleasure that I started this challenging and unique opportunity at this great company.”


Eva Wouters

Project officer

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DeltaIoT. Where IoT meets geodesy

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