DeltaCube is the first IoT solution based on low-cost precision GPS developed specifically for geodetic purposes.

DeltaCube can be used for various geodetic issues. The first application that has been elaborated is the use in measuring settlement rods in civil engineering.

The DeltaCube has a waterproof polyester housing the size of half a football, which is mounted on top of a settlement rod.

It is equipped with electronics with a transmission module, a battery and solar cells, so it is completely self-sufficient and autonomous. At the bottom there is an optional LIDAR distance sensor to also determine the height and thickness of the sand package. On the outside, the Deltacube is equipped with an adapter for easy installation with any type of settlement rod.


1. Fewer errors

Collecting measurement data from large numbers of settlement rods is a labour-intensive and often monotonous job for the land surveyor, with a risk of loss of concentration. Human errors are easily made. Think of incorrect point numbering or incorrect measurement of the settlement rod.

Significantly fewer human actions will be required when using DeltaCube, which greatly reduces the risk of errors.

2. Continuous

The guaranteed continuity of data delivery improves project management.

This will result in efficient implementation and the timely application of new sand layers or the start of a subsequent implementation phase.

This is a major improvement over old-fashioned measuring techniques.

kostenbesparing deltacube

3. Cost saving

Our verified business case shows that DeltaCube can compete with surveyor rates where large numbers of settlement rods are measured once a week.

DeltaCube is an immediate game changer for projects with settlement rods where accessibility is poor or take up a lot of travel time.

deltacube veiligheid en duurzaamheid

4. Safe and durable

The surveyor will no longer have to travel to take measurements.

This means that motorized activity will decrease both on the road and on the construction project, resulting in greater safety and lower CO₂ emissions.

deltacube DeltaIoT Markermeerdijken 1

DeltaCube in action: project Sterke Markermeerdijken

The Markermeer dikes protect about 1.2 million North Hollanders. Just imagine if these dikes were to fail. This could result in flooding, economic damage and possibly even a threat to human life.

Safe dikes

Our climate is changing. This means that we will have to deal with high water more often. That is why we are imposing stricter requirements on our dikes. Large parts of the Markermeer dikes between Hoorn and Durgerdam do not meet these safety requirements. Project Sterke Markermeerdijken is going to do something about this and DeltaCube is part of it.

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