DeltaCube is the first IoT solution based on low-cost precision GPS developed specifically for geodetic purposes.

DeltaCube can be used for various geodetic issues. The first application that has been developed is the use of a settlement rod in civil engineering.

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Project: Sterke Markermeerdijken

In 2019, Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with the Alliantie Markermeerdijken, started strengthening the Markermeerdijken over a length of no less than 33 km, from Hoorn to Amsterdam.

DeltaIoT measures the subsidence of the soil with the innovative DeltaCube. Completely remote and automated. In July 2021, the first 50 DeltaCubes were rolled out on the project.


Due to climate change, we are increasingly confronted with high water levels. Many dikes – including large parts of the Markermeer dikes in North Holland – no longer meet today’s safety requirements. The stability of the dikes is insufficient and in some places they are not high enough.

In 2019, Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with the Alliantie Markermeerdijken, started strengthening the Markermeerdijken over a length of no less than 33 km, from Hoorn to Amsterdam.

DeltaCube measures soil settlement

Large amounts of sand layers are applied to reinforce the dikes, which is also referred to as the pre-loading of the ground level. This pre-loading material ensures that the underlying ground level and the soil are pressed together, or settling. This settlement of the soil must be closely monitored and must be measured weekly by land surveyors using settlement rods.

DeltaIoT measures this settlement rod completely remotely and automatically with the innovative DeltaCube. In July 2021, the first 50 DeltaCubes were rolled out on the project. This happened near the city center of Hoorn and further south near the village of Warder. The next batch of 100 pieces was rolled out at the end of August. And several projects are still planned.

Our DeltaCubes will continue to provide measurements for the reinforcement of the Markermeer dikes until the end of 2023 with at least two measurements per week. For now, we use a self-developed web portal to provide the data. Later, automated reports in the desired format will be sent by e-mail. And a direct link to our databases for customers with their own environment through an API interface.

Have a look at project Sterke Markermeerdijken

The videos below show the various steps and locations of the reinforcemnet of the Markermeerdijken. The images were made by the Alliantie Markermeerdijken. 

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Project: Pilot for Combinatie Oosterweeltunnel (COTU)

In May 2022, we started a pilot for DEME Group in the port of Antwerp. DEME Group is a partner in the consortium Combinatie Oosterweeltunnel (COTU).

The consortium is responsible for the construction of the Scheldetunnel and the associated construction dock in Zeebrugge. In addition to DEME, the group consists of the Belgian construction groups BESIX, BAM Contractors and Jan de Nul.

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Project: Mekante Diek

DeltaIot likes to work with partners who also believe in sustainability and innovation in construction. With NEXT, the platform within Dura Vermeer for pioneers in construction, we have found such a partner.

The visions of DeltaIoT and NEXT are perfectly aligned. Together we want to accelerate innovation in construction and are therefore proud to enter into a long-term partnership with a leading organization such as Dura Vermeer.

On the Mekante Diek project, the dyke improvement near Tiel- Waardenburg, there are more than 400 of our DeltaCubes at the peak.

Find out more about this project? Go to the virtual visitor center via the button below.

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Project: N217 Polderweg

In 2023 and 2024, the Heinenoord tunnel in Barendrecht will be renovated by Rijkswaterstaat. Traffic will then be diverted via the N217 through the Kiltunnel. In order to increase traffic capacity, the province of South Holland modified that road in a number of places in 2022.

On the N217 Maasdamseweg/Polderweg route in Maasdam, DeltaIoT, in collaboration with Mourik Infra, carried out the settlement rod measurements on behalf of the Province of South Holland.

We do these measurements with our DeltaCubes. Each DeltaCube is equipped with electronics with a transmitter module, a battery and solar cells, so it is completely self-sufficient and autonomous. There were 18 of these settlement rods and a base station on this route.

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Project: Abu Qir port in Egypt

Our Belgian partner DEME – a global leader in dredging, land reclamation, offshore energy and environmental remediation – is involved in a major project in Egypt. In Abu Qir port, near Alexandria, the reclamation of 1,000 hectares of new land is in full swing. An enormous volume of more than 150 million m³ is being dredged.

DEME uses our DeltaCubes for this prestigious project, including a 5-year license. The DeltaCubes are set up just off the coast in the Abu Qir harbor and are already taking measurements at the locations where the new land was recently added.

For the maritime works, this concerns 6.8 km of new quay walls for new berths, 8.8 km of breakwaters and soil improvement works. These will be carried out by DEME’s consortium partner GIECO, Egypt’s leading hydraulic engineering company.

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